Initial Industries is committed to creating and maintaining a safe work environment for it’s employees, contractors, and customers in all aspects of their operation. We recognize there are many safety risks in the Oilfield industry and we strive to ensure that the risks are mitigated with our comprehensive safety program and up to date training of our staff.

Initial Industries goal is to be the Industries most valued and respected company for its commitment to safety and exceptional quality of service. Our experienced Safety Team provide hands on leadership and mentoring to provide our employees with competent skills and knowledge to safely perform their tasks.  We encourage our employees to be involved in all areas of our safety program; risk assessment, development and maintenance of policies and procedures, inspections and other responsibilities that will give them opportunities to grow .

Initial Industries is certified and/or members of the following organizations:

  • ISNetworld
  • Complyworks
  • WCB Alberta
  • WorkSafe BC
  • PICS
  • AMTA (Alberta Motor Transport Association)


Each Driver at Initial Industries is required to complete the following courses:

  • First Aid
  • TDG/WHIMIS (2015)
  • GHS (Global Harmonized System)
  • H2S
  • Oilfield Driver Awareness
  • Cargo Securement
  • Fatique Management
  • EGSO ( Electronic General Safety Information)
  • CSTS ( Construction Safety Training System)
  • CVI (Commercial Vehicle Inspections)



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